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GUYLENE SOLON is a Haitian American multifaceted artist & musician born in Brooklyn, New York.

She plays a mesmerizing

21 string harp-lute from West Africa - the Kora, taught by Senegalese musicians Amadou Fall, Salieu Suso, and Zal Sissokho.

She combines her voice, the sound of her harp, and contemporary dance to create an intriguing

performance, using both ancient and classical instruments with guest musicians.


Solon´s voice, hypnotizing & potent, delivers a unique & penetrating sound.

Taking you on a journey through passion, playfulness, and a sense of deep peace.

As you listen to her music you will  feel a connection with the elements of the earth. ​

The first International album she composed titled Respiro (Breath) was in collaboration with Italian musicians Giovanni Longo and Michele Russo, recorded in Italy in 2014. Later to compose and produce her first solo album titled Lakay (Home) in 2016, an instrumental fusion of the meditative Kora, sounds of nature, rain & soft percussion.

Guylene Solon

Since she was a child, Solon had a deep love for the arts & jazz.

Specializing in visual arts and playing the alto & tenor saxophone as a kid.

Initially, she studied Fine arts & Photography at Parsons School of Design in New York City & Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY,

but her passion for music developed much later on as an adult when she took an interest in world music, jazz & dance.


In 2006 Solon worked alongside legendary musician Wynton Marsalis & JLC Orchestra as the assistant stage director at

Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, inspired by the best in Jazz. She continued to thrive taking on contemporary world dance, including Gaga Movement taught by Guy Shomroni and Contact Improvisation with Raul Talamantes and Israel Garcia.


She has now created art, dance, and music in over 10 different countries, performing worldwide for over a decade, creating numerous astounding concerts with Jazz & Ska group Taapa Groove, winning Best Band Competition ¨La ultima y nos vamos¨ in 2009 in Mexico City. With her Kora, she has performed at Bari Jazz Festival, Italy & Yoga Festival in Rome and in events worldwide.   As she completes her 3rd album, Vizyon 21 recording her voice and the sounds of her Kora, with songs sung in Spanish, English, Italian and Haitian Creole, we can anticipate a creative and bold sound on the horizon.


+1 347 947 8915 NYC

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