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Haitian American

Artist, born in Brooklyn, New York

After studying at Parsons School of Design, New York & Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York, Photography, Fine arts and Design, she launched several businesses in beauty, and music; Lamour de Guylene, Music playing La Kora - African Harp and World Photography, Art & Design.

With over a decade of experience in the arts Guylene takes pride in being a multi faceted artist.


When she began creating jewelry in 2008, Lamour de Guylene was born, with a full emphasis in 

"one of a kind" pieces.  She continued to thrive when the online store was launched in 2010. Since then she has traveled the globe selling her products worldwide. In 2014 she began the Organic fragrance collection with all bottles intricately hand painted by her, presenting a gift that is both creative and original. 

"Lamour de Guylene is named after my Grandmother Recilia Lamour that taught me to

love and do what you love."

Guylene Solon


Guylene Solon WIX blog Black Woman Entrepreneurship Boom
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