CAMPAIGN for Documentary Film & Soundtrack 
"VIZYON 21" 
The Vision of Artist & Musician Guylene Solon

This is a special instrument that I feel deeply connected with.  I am honored to share my original music of the Kora, a 21 string harp from West Africa. I am one of the few female Kora players in the world. I´m a Haitian American artist, born in Brooklyn, New York, also a vocalist, composer, and contemporary dancer. 


I´ve been crazy about music & the arts since I was a kid. First, I studied photography & fine arts at Parsons School of Design & Pratt Institute, in New York. I then took an interest in world music, jazz & dance and worked alongside legendary musician Wynton Marsalis & JLC Orchestra as the assistant stage director at Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York. I later performed as a solo artist abroad at Jazz Festivals and events, after learning to play the harp from African Musicians Amadou Fall, Salieu Suso, and Zal Sissokho.



This is a project that consists of the completion of the studio recording of my third album & the filming of a documentary about my unusual journey as an artist while living abroad during the last 12 years. The idea behind this project is to inspire viewers to envision a new day, to envision their dreams and to let that vision inspire them to create the life that they seek.


The album will be a collaboration with guest musicians, Violinist Adam Roszkowski & Guitarist Giovanni Ceresoli. As well as, orchestral arrangements to be performed and recorded live. In this album you will find a combination of my voice, performing both written music and improvisation, sung in English, Spanish, Italian and Haitian Creole, my Kora (African Harp), Classical Piano, Udu Ceramic Drum from Nigeria and guest musicians to incorporate the Violin & Guitar for particular tracks, while using Presonus Studio One to produce sounds such as drum kits, woodwinds, and effects for orchestral arrangements.

With this new album, I would like to continue to create music that is not easily placed in any genre but transcends the idea of genres. Provoking a curiosity for the new and unique whilst being drawn in by a mesmerizing meditative sound.

After I began to play the Kora in 2014, I quickly realized that this was no ordinary instrument. There is a sort of sweet, sacred and healing experience that comes from listening to the sound of the Kora.

Just as my ancestors told their stories through music, with the album, I would like to take you on a journey through the 21 strings of this harp, with 21 original songs of how I became a reflection of the world, as a woman storyteller. It will be the thread that will sew the stories from the journals that I have kept during the last 12 years.

The album will serve as the soundtrack for the documentary film, combining footage, my photography, and journals I´ve written during travels to over 20 different countries creating music, dance, photography, film, and painting.


I truly hope to inspire artists through my artistic expression, especially women who are considered uncommon in their chosen discipline, to shine and share their art no matter how eccentric it may be. Especially those creating with native instruments and languages of Indigenous and African cultures. We need more representation of this type of diversity in the arts. 

Track list:

Ancestors Calm
Color Of Love


Soulful Sun

The One



She had a dream




We are the now

So the story must be told

Album Samples Work in Progress
Ancestors CalmGuylene Solon & Adam Roszkowski
Gadem InstrumentalGuylene Solon
CascadaGuylene Solon & Giovanni Ceresoli
VizyonGuylene Solon & Adam Roszkowski

o  Studio Time/Recording Sessions - $4000

o  Artist Payment for Live recordings - $3000 

o  Post Production/ Mastering - $2000

o  Digital Distribution & Media Advertising - $1000

Documentary FILM BUDGET $300,000 

o   Camera 1 & Camera 2 - $72,000

o   Equipment - $18,000

o   Director & Musicians - $120,000

o   Production Staff  (Grip & Soundman)  - $24,000

o   Travel Expenses - $18,000

o   Catering - $6,000

Post Production

o   Editing & Sound Design: $21,000

o   Marketing $6,000


o  Contingency & Insurance: $15,000


In the beginning, I was so worried to tell my story, to tell the truth about everything I've seen and lived through because I valued my privacy so much. But then I realized that I would be doing no good, neither to myself nor to anyone else if I didn't at least inspire the hell out of someone with my life story.

I hope that after people discover a bit about me they would come to know the magic that they possess inside, and the possibility to create anything they´ve ever dreamed of.


If you are moved by my project Vizyon 21 and wish to make a donation of $100, $500, $1000. All patrons receive, monthly newsletter and progress report, behind the scenes videos and stills of shoots, studio recordings and uncut versions mp3´s.

The first stages of funding will go directly to studio recordings, paying guest artists, social media & marketing, and the filming and editing of the recording sessions by director Gamaliel Blanco. 

Your donation will allow not only my dream of Vizyon 21 to come true but also serve as an inspiration for artists of diverse backgrounds. 



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